The new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home shocked fans when it revealed that Mysterio was not the bad guy that comic book fans know well but was a man from an alternate Earth, thereby creating the Multiverse. The fact that one of the snaps from either Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame created a Multiverse opens up so many new ideas the Marvel Cinematic Universe can deal with.

The introduction of the Multiverse offers Marvel a great chance to bring new characters into the MCU. This is also a great chance to bring in some fan favorites that otherwise would be impossible while also giving Marvel an out when it comes to introducing their newly acquired Fox properties. Here are 10 characters that can come from Marvel’s Multiverse Comics.

10. Miles Morales

The biggest name, thanks to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is Miles Morales. Now, there is little chance he is from the same Earth as Mysterio because the fishbowl wearing superhero/villain said he wished there was someone like Spider-Man on his Earth.

However, this rip in time likely created numerous dimensions with many different versions of Earth. There is no reason to believe that Miles Morales’ Earth is not one of those Earths. Of course, Spider-Man: Homecoming already teased Miles in our world, since his uncle showed up, but this new Multiverse opens up the chance for a live-action Miles to finally hit the MCU.

9. Spider-Gwen

Keeping it in the family for one more entry, if anyone crosses over to the main Marvel continuity through the tear in the Multiverse, it needs to be Spider-Gwen. Of course, there would have to be major changes since Gwen Stacy did not die in the MCU version of Peter Parker’s life and doesn’t even exist.

However, having a female version of Spider-Man popping into this world could be very cool and it would be a welcome addition to the possible female Avengers team that has been hinted at in the past. Spider-Gwen, Hawkeye’s daughter, Ant-Man’s daughter, Scarlet Witch and maybe Shuri could be an amazing team.

8. The X-Men

Now, for the Big 2. If the Marvel Cinematic Universe wants to add The X-Men to its world, there need to be some major changes made here and the Multiverse is the best way to do that. There were no mutants in the MCU, although there were Inhumans — although they have disappeared outside of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now, Kevin Feige has said that there will not be an X-Men movie for a long time as the MCU already has plans for the next few years, but the Multiverse gives them a way to do it. Consider the “What If?” scenario where someone could ask, “What if there was an Earth where mutants existed” and then have some sort of event have the two worlds combine.

7. The Fantastic Four

An easier move from a Multiverse world to the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes in the second Fox property that Marvel gained access to in their acquisition. The Fantastic Four have always had a strong connection to Spider-Man.

The Web Crawler actually tried to join them in his first issue because he thought it paid. He then became a very close friend of Human Torch and was even a member of the Future Foundation. Having explorers like the Fantastic Four accidentally arriving in our world makes more sense than just about anyone, and that could also bring Annihilus along as the next big bad.

6. Namor

Namor, the Sub Mariner took a major hit when it comes to debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when DC hit it big with Aquaman. The characters are just too similar, with both underwater heroes and the Kings of Atlantis in their respective comic book worlds. However, the truth is that they are as different as night and day.

Namor is arrogant, conceited and thinks only of himself. Aquaman is a true hero and Namor is someone who could care less about anyone or anything outside of Atlantis. He is also someone that Marvel had no access to due to studio contracts but reportedly have the rights back to now.

5. Ironheart

There is almost no chance for anyone on this Earth to replace Iron Man using his armor and weapons — outside of War Machine. However, RiRi has a chance of making her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the use of the Multiverse. Imagine if they redid her origin and had a world where she was Iron Man (or Ironheart) instead of Tony, who was instead a mentor.

If the MCU wants to create their Young Avengers team — or their All Female Avengers team that has been hinted at, RiRi would be a perfect member of that group. They just need to find a way to bring her in without disrespecting the memory of Tony Stark from this Earth to do it.

4. Loki

This is the massive return that the Multiverse could offer. Norse Gods are not easy to kill. Remember, they are Gods, even if the MCU has treated them more like aliens (all the way to them drifting through outer space after escaping Asgard following Surtur’s destruction of it. Then, Thanos killed Loki.

With that in mind, if there are Multiverses and they include more than just Earth (as they have to, as the snaps killed and brought back all the dusted lives in the entire universe), Loki exists in many other timelines as well. Loki is the master magician and if anyone can slip through to our Earth, it is the God of Mischief. Plus, he has the Space Stone in one timeline.

3. The Silver Surfer

There is a lot of ways for The Silver Surfer to make his way to Earth since he is from a distant galaxy and was, at one time, the Herald to Galactus. With Silver Surfer returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to the Fox deal, there has to be a way to bring the popular hero to the big screen again.

He last appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and while he was an amazing creation, that movie left a lot to be desired. Surely, Marvel can do him right — with or without the Fantastic Four. Imagine him ripping through the timeline of the Multiverse with a warning to Earth that Galactus is coming.

2. Galactus

That leads to Galactus. There have been two opportunities to try to bring the world eater to the big screen. The first was in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer where the idea of Galactus basically being nanobots that could eat the planet was scoffed at by many fans. While filmmakers hinted the real Galactus could come in later movies, that never happened.

Next up was the 2015 Fantastic Four movie that ranks on Rotten Tomatoes as one of the worst superhero movies ever made. That saw the team end up on Planet Zero, but that was originally supposed to be the Negative Zone and there was supposed to be a hint of Galactus there. If the MCU chooses to use Galactus, expect them to do it right. Imagine him tearing through the Multiverses trying to appease his hunger.

1. Doctor Doom

The biggest arrival of all from the Multiverse should be Doctor Doom. Much like the Fantastic Four, he is the most sensible arrival from another Earth, and he could even arrive with the Fantastic Four. Or, imagine if he ended up here first and took over Latveria and then the Fantastic Four showed up to let the world know what he is really like.

Noah Hawley (Legion) has wanted to make this movie for years. Avengers: Endgame directors  Joe and Anthony Russo have said they want to see a Doctor Doom movie. Doctor Doom was already part of a major Multiverse event in the comics in Incursion when he took over as ruler over all. Out of everyone who could show up, Doctor Doom should be at the top of any list.



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