Are valuable comics your thing, or are you just curious how much the most expensive comic books sell for? Well, wait no longer, here’s a list of the 20 most expensive comic books in the world.

The 20 Most Expensive Comic Books In the World

Don’t have time to read? Here’s the list of the 20 most expensive comic books ever:

  1. Action Comics #1 – CGC 9.0 sold for $3.2 Million
  2. Action Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 sold for $1.5 Million
  3. Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for $1.1 Million
  4. Detective Comics #27 sold for $1,075 Million
  5. All Star Comics #8 sold for $936,223
  6. Batman #1 sold for $567,625.00
  7. X-Men #1 sold for $492,937.50
  8. Flash Comics #1 sold for $450,000
  9. Tales of Suspense #39 sold for $375,000
  10. Marvel Comics #1 sold for $350,000
  11. Captain America Comics #1 sold for $343,057
  12. Incredible Hulk #1 sold for $326,000
  13. Fantastic Four #1 sold for $300,000
  14. Whizz Comics #2 sold for $281,000
  15. Avengers #1 sold for $274,000
  16. Action comics #10 sold for $258,000
  17. All American Comics #16 sold for $200,000
  18. Action Comics #13 sold for $185,000
  19. Suspense Comics #3 sold for $173,275
  20. Showcase #4 sold for $179,250

20. Showcase #4 – $179,250


Kicking off our list of the most expensive comics in the world is Showcase #4.

In this issue, a brand new superhero emerges, that goes by the name of Barry Allen, or the Silver Age Flash. His character proved to be a big success which led to his own title shortly after.

The comic book was published in 1956 and sold in 2009 for a whopping $179,250.


19. Suspense Comics #3 – $173,275


Suspense Comics #3 became the most valuable non-superhero comic book in 2015 when it sold for $173,275.

Released in 1944, shop keepers decided not to stock it, due to its offensive cover, which featured a woman about to be attacked by hooded assailants bearing swastikas.

As a result, copies are scarce today which is why this comic book is now one of the most expensive comic books in the world!


18. Action Comics #13 – $185,000


Next up we have Action Comics #13. This issue features Superman’s first battle with Ultra Humanite. Flicking through to the center of the comic, you’ll find a large centerfolds piece advertising Superman #1.

In 2011, the comic sold for $185,000, making it one of the most expensive comic books ever!


17. All American Comics #16 – $200,000


In 2013, All American Comics #16 sold for a mind-boggling $203,150.

Originally published in 1940, the book features the first ever appearance and origin story of Alan Scott, A.K.A, the Golden Age Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern turned out to be a popular character, so his appearance in this issue significantly increases the price.


16. Action Comics #10 – $258,000


Released to the public in 1939, Action Comics #10 includes a story titled, Superman goes to Prison.

It doesn’t feature any major superheroes of the modern era, however, someone was still willing to pay $258,000 for in 2011.

Action Comics #10 is the sixteenth most expensive comic book in the world!


15. Avengers #1 – $274,000


The 1963 comic book, Avengers #1, features Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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It follows the super team as they battle to defeat Thor’s evil brother, Loki.

This first issue previously sold for $274,000, which is unbelievable when you think about how much money that actually is! But, there are some mega fans out there, and everything has its price!


14. Whiz Comics #2 – $281,000


Listed as the issue #2, Whiz comics #2 is a little strange.

Issue #1 was only used in promotional advertising and never actually released to the public, so in reality, #2 is the public’s #1.

It features the first appearance of Captain Marvel, or Shazam in today’s world, to avoid any confusion with Marvel’s own superhero – Captain Marvel!

The popularity of this comic book and its exclusivity meant it managed to sell for $281,000 in 2012.


13. Fantastic Four #1 – $300,000


Possibly one of the most important comic books on the list is The Fantastic Four, which sold for $300,000 in 2011.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, this comic book shows the Fantastic Four’s first adventure.

If the Fantastic Four weren’t created, we most likely wouldn’t have any of the Marvel characters that we enjoy today.


12. Incredible Hulk #1 – $326,000


Everyone loves the story of Dr Bruce Banner and his big green giant side, better known as – The Incredible Hulk.

The comic book was written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and in his first appearance, Hulk was actually grey!

Furthermore, In August 2014, the comic book sold for more than $326,000!


11. Captain America Comics #1 – $343,057


Coming in at number eleven is another pretty famous comic book – Captain America #1.

Written by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, it features the first-ever appearance of Captain America.

It’s also famous for its cover image, which shows Captain America landing a right hook on Adolf Hitler!



10. Marvel Comics #1 – $350,000


Starting off our top ten count down is the first ever issue of Marvel Comics.

Many popular superhero characters are introduced in this issue, such as The Human Torch and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Today, Marvel Comics is better known as just, “Marvel” and has gone on to become one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world.


9. Tales of Suspense #39 – $375,000


Yet another creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Tales of Suspense is famous for introducing Iron Man to the world.

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Iron Man has had a few major upgrades since his first appearance and now looks a lot cooler than version 1.0.

The comic book sold in 2012 for $375,000, which probably had a lot to do with the’s massively popular, Robert Downey Jr Iron Man movies.

8. Flash Comics #1 – $450,000


In 2010 Flash Comics #1 sold for what was, at the time, the second-largest amount of any comic book ever.

The comic was in fantastic condition, considering its age, due to its commercial artists and avid comic book collectors, Edgar Church’s storage techniques.

The majority of the best quality Golden Age comics in the world come from his collection.


7. X-Men #1 – $492,937.50


The first issue of Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s “X-Men” series sold for $492,937.50 in 2012.

It debuted appearances from mutants like Cyclops, Beast and Magneto.

X-Men went on to become a huge success, creating multiple cartoons and movies, adored by millions of fans around the world.


6. Batman #1 – $567,625.00


The first issue of Batman’s solo series features the first appearances of two of his biggest arch enemies: The Joker & Catwoman.

Since its release, it has become one of only a handful of comics in history to ever break the $500,000 sale mark.

In 2013, one copy sold for over half a million dollars, making it one of the most expensive comic books in the world!


5. All-Star Comics #8 – $936,223


Next on this list is All-Star Comics #8.

The is a pretty big comic for any Wonder Woman fans out there, as it marks her debut appearance.

This issue focusses on the Justice Society of America but also features Wonder Woman’s origin story.

In 2017 a copy was listed on eBay and sold for $936,223.


4. Detective Comics #27 – $1,075 Million


Detective Comics #27 features the first appearance of the legendary Batman.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, this is one comic book that I’m sure all comic book lovers would want to own.

It was the most expensive book ever sold in 2010.

However, there is a lot of talk about a theoretical “better quality issue” being the most valuable comic book in existence, but one is yet to be found!


3. Amazing Fantasy #15 – $1.1 Million


This 1962 comic book by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, features another first appearance, but this time it’s – Spider-Man.

The web-slinging superhero is one of the world’s most cherished characters, so it was no surprise when the copy sold for over a million dollars at auction in 2011.

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Amazing Fantasy #15 is the third most expensive comic book in the world!


2. Action Comics #1 – CGC 8.5 – $1.5 Million


This comic shows just how much value is placed on a CGC ranking, and the difference half a point can make to the value of a comic book.

While it features the same material as the most expensive comic in the world, it falls short of first place because it’s grade indicates that it’s the general condition is not the best it could be. It might include creases or folds on the pages and small scuff marks on the cover, which all make a difference.

It’s all in the details!


1. Action Comics #1 – CGC 9.0 – $3.2 Million


Dominating the top spot on our list of the most expensive comic books in the world is Action Comics #1. CGC 9.0.

Viewed by many fans as being the “holy grail” of comic collectables, it features the debut of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s historic Superman.

While the original comic sold for just 10c back in the day, four copies have sold for more than a million dollars since then.

In 2014, this 9.0 CGC ranked copy sold for a massive $3.2 million dollars, making it the most expensive comic book in the world!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 most expensive comic books in the world.